Doing the Digital Doughnut at re:publica

As a brilliant follow-up to my 2022 participation at re:publica, Alistair Alexander was very kind to invite me to co-facilitate a workshop connected to a framework he is promoting for digital sustainability called the Digital Doughnut.

What is the Digital Doughnut?

The Digital Doughnut is an application of the Doughnut Economics framework, first envisioned by Kate Raworth. In it, we consider the minimum required for human prosperity alongside the maximum allowed for planetary sustainability. That sweet spot between obtaining whatever society needs and ensuring that future generations can thrive is the heart of the doughnut.

The workshop

The Digital Doughnut applies this principle to study our use of digital technologies and its planetary impacts. During the workshop, we opened a discussion with technologists and the general public about the impacts of technologies on our societies and the environment. We finally collaborated to fill out the doughnut chart to explore subjects relating to our digital technology uses, such as disinformation, e-waste, and energy use.