Introduction to Appropedia at GIG Communit Cally
February 03, 2023

As a follow-up to last year’s class and Q&A session for the Critical Making program, I’ll be at the GIG Community call this next Wednesday to talk about how to use Appropedia as a tool for creating and managing documentation. […]

Photo of the participants posing at the Open Toolchain Foundation design event
Open Toolchain Foundation Kick-Off
December 30, 2022

Most of the heavy lifting to enable democratizing digital fabrication processes is done through open source software. Despite this, there are many challenges related to the uses of software across stages of the design and manufacturing workflow, for example, when […]

A diagram showing an earlier design of the tool.
Towards Open Source Patents
December 11, 2022

These past months I had the pleasure of collaborating with the FAST team from Western University by discussing possible ways to automate the process of applying the OSHWA Certification to open source appropriate technology projects in a way that makes […]

An ontology diagram of the Global Surgical Training Challenge knowledge model
Documenting and assessing open innovation
November 30, 2022

In the past, I’ve explored the uses of data models in various aspects related to documentation. More specifically, how actionable knowledge can be extracted during the documentation process and repurposed. Some examples are here and here, both in the context […]

Final notes on the Green Web Fellowship
July 21, 2022

For the past year, I participated in the Green Web Foundation Fellowship program, which focused on their goal of enabling a carbon-free Internet. Alongside other great members of my cohort, we explored and studied together how the Internet’s physical infrastructure […]

A chat about Open Climate with Open Future
June 13, 2022

In May, some members of the Open Climate Team (Shannon Dosemagen, Evelin Heidel, Alex Stinson, and Michelle Thorne) had the opportunity to sit down with the people from Open Future to chat about our work in bringing awareness of openness […]

re:publica workshop: Sustainability, Accountability and Power
June 09, 2022

One of the results of my work as a Green Web Foundation fellow was a workshop at re:publica, a festival in Berlin focused on digital culture. The workshop title was Sustainability, Accountability and Power: What Remote Work Means for the […]

SolariseCon 2022 Poster
June 01, 2022

SolariseCon 2022 was a day packed with conversations about the concept of solarpunk, a movement focused on the reimagining of a carbon-free future. From the organizers of the event: Solarpunk imagery tends to conjure up visions of solar panels and […]

Open Climate now!
July 09, 2021

Alongside a group of members of the open source movement, in the past few months, we have organized a series of calls that explore the intersection between the open movement and climate change. The question we pose is: how can […]

Science literacy through community mapping
September 12, 2020

Last year I wrote about a card game that we designed to determine safe and unsafe areas in San Salvador. The game’s premise was simple: to randomize questions and prompt yes/no answers regarding points on a map, all of this […]