Tolocar showcase event

Tolocar banner taken from the Tolocar Playbook

I recently had the opportunity to co-present the work done by the Global Innovation Gathering in documenting projects to be reproduced by Tolocar. This is a project by GIZ focused on enabling mobile makerspaces to aid in care and reconstruction efforts inside Ukraine.

Projects range from water filtration to hand prosthetics and reusing concrete debris to create new bricks. Check the projects out on Appropedia.

Join the second and last Showcasing Project Tolocar Call and explore breakthroughs from water filtration to 3D printed smart houses with experts like Artem Melnyk and Martin Oloo. We’ll delve into the Tolocar project, sustainable solutions, and the transformative role of technology in shaping a better future. This is a ground to explore creative ideas that make a difference, learn through Q&As, and see the power of working together across the globe. 🌍✨