Emilio Velis

I work on design and technology for community development. /about

My work

I work and research subjects that bring together the Internet, open source licenses, sustainability and international development. These are some of the organizations that I am currently working with or supporting:

  • Appropedia: Appropedia is the largest wiki in the world for sustainability and international development. I'm currently the Executive Director for its parent organization, The Appropedia Foundation.
  • Insitu Global: I am a core team member of Insitu, an initiative that explores how communities can participate to create and improve public spaces by including digital and analog fabrication techniques.
  • Reacción: Reacción is a Salvadoran startup that helps develop community resilience through participatory methodologies, data and open hardware design.
  • Internet Society El Salvador: I am part of the board of the Salvadoran Chapter of Internet Society.
  • Creative Commons El Salvador: Creative Commons is an organization focused on open licenses around the world. I am currently serving as the Chapter Lead for its Chapter in El Salvador.
  • Open Know-How: Open Know-How is a standard that supports the discovery and manufacture of open source hardware.

Recent things

Research and texts

These are some papers or articles related to maker culture, international development and technology that I've recently worked on.

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