Emilio Velis

I work and research subjects that bring together the Internet, open source licenses, sustainability and international development. /about

My work

These are some of the organizations that I am currently working with or supporting:

  • Appropedia: Appropedia is the largest wiki in the world for sustainability and international development. I’m currently the Executive Director for its parent organization, The Appropedia Foundation.
  • Green Web Foundation: I recently finished my Green Web Foundation Fellowship, on which I explored narratives about the use of fossile fuels to power the Internet.
  • Internet Society El Salvador: I am part of the board of the Salvadoran Chapter of Internet Society.
  • Creative Commons El Salvador: Creative Commons is an organization focused on open licenses. I am currently serving as the Chapter Lead for its Chapter in El Salvador.

Research and texts

These are some papers or articles related to maker culture, international development and technology.

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