My highlight from GIG’s 10th anniversary

The Global Innovation Gathering is a community of social innovation practitioners with over 155 members from 47 countries. This vibrant community celebrated its 10th anniversary in Berlin with a large event, with support from Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung, in which the community shared the insights of our collective work with the public. The next day, we held a general assembly for the community members to discuss accountability and the next steps for our community.

Innovating Crisis Response

To see the panel, start around the 3:48:30 mark.

I had the opportunity to share some insights into my work in innovation for crisis response alongside experienced innovators such as Sharlotte Kizego (Platform Africa), Konstantine Leonenko (Tolocar), and Aziz Wadi (Field Ready). I spoke about my work with Reacción and Insitu, both in Ahuachapán, and my most recent experience diagnosing community risks in San Salvador. I also shared some insights regarding the importance of social dynamics in our work as makers or innovators, to consider how we share our knowledge with communities and the great importance that we must pose in delivering reliable solutions.