Fab City Platform Ecosystems Roundtable

Event recording

I had the chance to share space with Alysia Garmulewicz (Materiom) and Enrico Bassi (OpenDotLab) for the “Platform Ecosystems” Round Table event hosted by the Fab City Foundation. We discussed the evolving landscape of platform ecosystems for global collaboration, including a shift towards regenerative approaches of technology and science proposed by the open and maker movements and the importance of sharing experiences and technical experience across initiatives.

I specifically highlighted Appropedia’s technical work by showing our API and data standards work, by which we aim to interact with other platforms as makers comprehensively document and share their projects with the broad community. The session offered valuable insights into sustainable material systems, knowledge exchange, and local goods production.

Check the recording for a firsthand look at the dynamic world of platform ecosystems and collaborative innovation. You can also read more about this initiative at https://fab.city and a discussion summary here.