SolariseCon 2022 Poster

SolariseCon 2022 was a day packed with conversations about the concept of solarpunk, a movement focused on the reimagining of a carbon-free future. From the organizers of the event:

SolariseCon 2022 Poster
SolariseCon 2022 Poster CC-BY-SA 4.0 Commando Jugendstil

Solarpunk imagery tends to conjure up visions of solar panels and wind farms, but this only showcases large-scale projects. What does the path towards a fossil-fuel free future look like? How might we consider decentralisation of power, in quite literal terms? Could we—and should we—consider pathways to facilitate energy-independence and autonomy at a community level?—SolariseCon

During this event, I had the chance to share common views with the great Barbara Schack from the Internet of Production Alliance, Prof. Joshua Pearce from Western University, and moderated by Francesco Verso, to discuss feasible views of the future regarding appropriate technology, and most importantly, the use of solar energy.