Open Toolchain Foundation Kick-Off

Photo of the participants posing at the Open Toolchain Foundation design event
Check the video Open Toolchain Foundation made to document the event. Credits: OTF

Most of the heavy lifting to enable democratizing digital fabrication processes is done through open source software. Despite this, there are many challenges related to the uses of software across stages of the design and manufacturing workflow, for example, when transferring bits from design software to a 3D printer or a laser cutter, or even among software for the same purposes.

Pieter Hijma (HIWW) is one of the leading voices behind the Open Toolchain Foundation.

With this in mind, the Open Toolchain Foundation (part of the INTERFACER Project) organized a kick-off workshop at Fab City Hamburg. At the workshop, we discussed some of the possible work streams for the organization and ways to collaborate with other actors from the open software and hardware movements.

Some ways to be involved in this project are: