Digital Rights and Climate Justice event

This October, a group of activists and practitioners working on the intersection of digital rights and climate justice joined for a two-day in-person event to discuss common challenges in our initiatives. The track in which I participated was Open practices, facilitated by Shannon Dosemagen from the Open Environmental Data Project and Open Climate, and Arthur Steiner from Hivos and publisher of the Vertical Atlas.

The Ford Foundation, Mozilla Foundation, Ariadne Network, Stiftung Mercator, and the Internet Society Foundation supported the event. You can read the event report here.

Some of the actionable items that the group found were the following:

  • ‘Decolonise Open’ Conversation with Whose Knowledge
  • Facilitate an Open Climate Convening.
  • Build a place to follow open climate people, projects & policy.
  • A shared narrative of why, how, and what the open community is doing for climate justice
  • Inspiring stories about how open data is used in action
  • Open Climate Talks across disciplines
  • Youth Climate/Open Camps
  • Capacity-building program on data tools for climate organizations and activists

The space offered a unique opportunity to discuss intersections among digital practitioners currently focused on the climate crisis. We look forward to more interactions and joint work after this event.