My highlight from GIG’s 10th anniversary
June 02, 2023

The Global Innovation Gathering is a community of social innovation practitioners with over 155 members from 47 countries. This vibrant community celebrated its 10th anniversary in Berlin with a large event, with support from Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung, in which the community shared […]

Banner image of small plants sprouting form the soil.
Cultivating a Post-Growth Relationship with Knowledge
March 20, 2023

This year, I was honored to be selected as a fellow of the Post-Growth Institute. This fellowship engages individuals working on prosperity and well-being from perspectives beyond capitalism. This includes solidarity economics, conflict resolution, decolonial thought, and fair uses of […]

Appointment to the SURGHub Technical Committee
March 17, 2023

SURGHub is a new platform developed by UNITAR along with support of the Global Surgery Foundation and the Royal College of Surgeons Ireland. I was recently invited to be part of its Technical Committee, which is developing standards related to […]

Digital Ecosystem Declaration Ceremony
March 04, 2023

Fab City Hamburg kindly invited me as a presenter for its Digital Ecosystem Declaration Workshop and Ceremony at tfom23. The event took place from Mach 1-4, 2023 with participation from community leaders of the maker movement (including, among many others, […]

Introduction to Appropedia at GIG Communit Cally
February 03, 2023

As a follow-up to last year’s class and Q&A session for the Critical Making program, I’ll be at the GIG Community call this next Wednesday to talk about how to use Appropedia as a tool for creating and managing documentation. […]

Open Climate Fellowship
February 02, 2023

Thanks to support from the Wikimedia Foundation, the Open Climate collective carried out a fellowship program to increase the knowledge commons and collaborative communities of practice. The Open Climate Fellowship is described as follows: We will build an engagement path […]

UNDP Accelerator Labs call
February 01, 2023

At the end of January, I had the chance to present the joint work with Rodro Morán, the Mapper for the UNDP Accelerator Labs. The presentation occurred at the weekly call that the Lab organizes for the mappers in 85 […]

Photo of the participants posing at the Open Toolchain Foundation design event
Open Toolchain Foundation Kick-Off
December 30, 2022

Most of the heavy lifting to enable democratizing digital fabrication processes is done through open source software. Despite this, there are many challenges related to the uses of software across stages of the design and manufacturing workflow, for example, when […]

A diagram showing an earlier design of the tool.
Towards Open Source Patents
December 11, 2022

These past months I had the pleasure of collaborating with the FAST team from Western University by discussing possible ways to automate the process of applying the OSHWA Certification to open source appropriate technology projects in a way that makes […]

An ontology diagram of the Global Surgical Training Challenge knowledge model
Documenting and assessing open innovation
November 30, 2022

In the past, I’ve explored the uses of data models in various aspects related to documentation. More specifically, how actionable knowledge can be extracted during the documentation process and repurposed. Some examples are here and here, both in the context […]