Maker Culture and Youth

On April 25th, a new book featuring an article I wrote in collaboration with Kako Valladares and Kate Samson was published by Fundación Ceibal from Uruguay, with support from Digitally Connected. The book, Jóvenes, transformación digital y nuevas formas de inclusión en América Latina (Youth, digital transformation and new forms of inclusion in Latin America) contains pieces on the subject of youth and digital culture, experiences and platforms for education and inclusion.

Our article tackled the question of traditional knowledge and maker culture as a way to enhance the educational capabilities of children and youth. We explored the initiative of an educational program design by Kako Valladares (Fab Lab El Salvador) and Kate Samson (Creativity Labs). This initiative spanned several iterations in different regions of Mesoamerica (El Salvador, Guatemala and Mexico) to be joined in by different fab labs and to impact youth from different socioeconomic backgrounds.

You can download the book here.

Lighting Society Workshop

As part of the work that the Fab Lab El Salvador Association is doing through its children lab, Cipit Lab, we organized a workshop in partnership with Hackerspace San Salvador and Ta Corrales from IDIN Costa Rica. The workshop was made possible thanks to El Castillo, a project by Glasswing El Salvador and Soluciones El Salvador. The workshop focused on teaching children how to make and hack their own lamps with the use of simple tools and materials, and the creation of their own mobile app to control them.

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