Metadesign and participation
June 01, 2019

This May I had the chance to develop some ontology work as a workshop at the Creative Commons Summit in Lisbon. The goal was to present some of the ideas on the subject, some of which I have already written […]

Social violence, game design and public perception
September 19, 2018

Our recent experience with Reacción on social mapping has brought us into the murky waters of urban behavior analysis. Over the past couple of months we have been working together with people from urban communities of San Salvador for a […]

Lighting Society Workshop
January 03, 2017

As part of the work that the Fab Lab El Salvador Association is doing through its children’s lab, Cipit Lab, we organized a workshop in partnership with Hackerspace San Salvador, designers from Universidad Don Bosco. The workshop was facilitated by […]

Conference and Workshop in Pasto, Colombia
December 01, 2016

Last month, the team of Red de Acción Comunitaria was invited to San Juan de Pasto, Colombia, to develop the 2nd Design Makerthon, focused on two main components. The first one, directed towards experts in electronics, used the Reacción-Mínimo, a […]

Design Livre Primitivo
March 09, 2013

Fonte No passado, todos os criadores foram considerados artesãos. Não foi até faz 500 anos que os primeiros artistas surgirem da face das suas criações para se ganhar um lugar privilegiado dentro de nossas sociedades. Naquele ambiente primitivo, muitos elementos relacionados à […]